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Be Ambassadors for PIEI-WOT-KENYA



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Join us and make a lasting impact around the world by becoming true ambassadors of PIEI-WOT-KENYA. On our mission trips you'll meet and serve some of the most impoverished people in Kenya.  All of our short-term mission trips give team members a chance to discover a deeper level of compassion and servant  heart within themselves. Through Love Box distributions to needy, unfamiliar homes, our team members foster community, team work and servant leadership.  Team members also learn through on the ground moments about the world beyond their community.

Every trip is different, but in each case we bring God's people to come alongside our PIEI-WOT/DOWM national missionaries to encourage, to assist, to help raise awareness, and above all - to love people in Jesus' name. Our trips are about "being" rather than "doing". We believe that the best place to start is in relationship with one another.

We handle everything! The short term mission volunteer leaders will arrange your entire team's trip, from travel to logistics, to cross - culture training, accommodations, and much more. You will have an experience that will last a lifetime while making a lasting impact on those in need.

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