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Come and join us for an amazing trip to Kenya. Each WOT short-term experience is designed to support long-term ministry, so you can be sure your impact will last! Whatever your skills, passions or background, there’s an opportunity for you to share the love of Christ with people in need. May God be glorified. 

Al & Marsha McCarty, Team Leaders


This is a great opportunity for Pastors to come and train those students

attending classes at the WOT Center.

Pastor Don.jpeg

Building Projects

Below is the new kitchen at the WOT Center. Team members partnered with two local brick layers to build a kitchen that will be a benefit for WOT in many ways.


Love Box Deliveries

Doing home visits and delivering love boxes to encourage those in need is always a blessing for our team members. 


Visiting Orphans      And Widows

Visiting WOT/DOWM Orphans & Widows is always a very special time. Team visits are a great encouragement for these dear ones. 

Rene & John copy.jpg

Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry is a humbling time for teams as they encourage inmates with Praise & Worship music and a Gospel message.


Cooking              Kenya Cuisine

Ladies on one of our teams learning to cook chapatis Kenyan style with a cook at the WOT Center. Friendships and good memories being made.

Cooking Chapatis.jpg

Visit Alumni

Visiting alumni students is a great hit. It's always fun to see what WOT students are doing after graduating.

Home Visit.jpg


An option for teams at the end of our trip is a two day safari. Kenya is a wonderful place to view God's creation. We use this time of our trip for debriefing and sharing precious memories we have made during our time on the mission field

Safari Drive.jpg


Pst Moses Kiragu Ngatia

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