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Life-On-Life Equipping for Ministry

  • Provides the “irreducible minimum”

  • Trains students to properly handle the Word of God

  • Equips with knowledge and practical skills

  • Church-based, comprehensive education

  • Trans-denominational setting

  • Enables and encourages students to equip and train others

  • Exhorts students to personal obedience and growth toward maturity in Christ

  • Focused on biblical principles, truths and concepts, not mere accumulation of knowledge

  • Promotes an ongoing process of assimilation of knowledge

  • No traditional measuring devices such as exams and term papers

  • Student motivation comes from a personal desire to be biblically equipped, not from grade point averages, or fear of failure on exams

For a comprehensive view BTCP's curriculum as well as a syllabus and sample lesson from each of the 10 course manuals, click on the button below.

A one time donation of $50 provides curriculum books to train one pastor for a year.

PIEI is a 501(c)(3) organization and is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). We ask that you prayerfully consider today how you might help the Word of Truth Christian Resource & Training Center carry out its strategy to train the untrained. Please use account #20200. Thank you!

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